What is a Yurt?

25 02 2011

To make good on a promise I mentioned in an earlier post, the subject of this particular post is YURTS!  Now, if you didn’t read my first post I mentioned that I had taken a trip with my girlfriend by driving down PCH from Santa Cruz down to Orange County. We stopped midway on our journey and stayed at a wonderful resort called Treebones Resort .  Treebones Resort and its lodgings are all based on yurts.  How did I find such a place?  Through Yelp of course, and if any of you don’t use Yelp now I highly suggest you do if traveling into foreign territory. Anyways, Treebones Resort had pretty good reviews and sounded like an interesting way to stay the night close to the beach. A yurt is a sort of large circular tent, it is what you imagine Genghis Kahn using. However, I am sure Genghis and even his extravagant lodgings could not compete with these yurts.


Look at how large the yurt is! It was more than comfortable for two people. We probably could have fit at least 4-6 people in it. It was even larger than my apartment at USC. This luxurious yurt even came furnished with a mirror and sink and many of the comforts of home. Notice all the amenities!  Heater on the left, very large queen sized bed, 4 pillows, towels, fresh sheets, and even sitting chairs.  The large futon didn’t make it into this picture but I am sure that it would be able to pull out if you needed to accommodate 1 or 2 more people.  This yurt was actually larger than most of the hotel rooms I had ever stayed in.  Of course this place didn’t come cheap, but when you consider what a great experience it was I would highly recommend Treebones Resort’s yurts to anyone who can afford it.

Now there weren’t any showers inside the yurt so we did have to shower in a common bath. But it beats camping! Also the showers and amenities were great. Treebones provided free breakfast, which was pretty convenient given that fact that a restaurant was at least 10-15 miles away. It was pretty much at least a 20 minute drive to the nearest restaurant.  Quite a drive to obtain some food. Luckily I had noticed this before hand and had gone to Safeway, we are in Norcal of course, to obtain some bread, meat, fruits, and chips to tide us over for the time being.

After our first night at Treebones Resort, we decided to trek around for some good ol’ adventure.  Being in Central California, is not as exciting as you may think.  But the natural beauty that surrounds you is amazing.  As a result, we drove a couple of miles down the road to hike on a trail and discovered to our surprise a waterfall.  of course, it helped our journey that we had some nice herbal pick me ups with us.  So off to the waterfall!


This waterfall was pretty amazing and we ended up finding a path, or some resemblance of a path and trekked all the way up to the top. Now mind you there wasn’t really a path up there, more of a rough guide made by previous hikers up towards the top, but we are young and we made due with what we had. The view from the top was pretty amazing and it was a good workout also after all those previous munchies. So we trekked back down the path towards the car after a long and exhausting but rewarding hike, but not before we took a couple of pictures from the top!  In the end, I would give Treebones 3 thumbs up one for location, another for relaxation, and the last for uniqueness.  I highly recommend Treebones Resort and their yurts for anyone taking a trip down California’s golden coast highway.




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25 02 2011
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thanks for the resource. nice blog and photos

3 11 2011
json knepper (@jsonknepper)

i love your review of treebones and your photographs! i am working on their redesigning their website and social media and you have given me some great ideas for new photos! awesome blog and continue to enjoy the adventure of life! look forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

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